What Do Telling the Truth, Forgiveness and Independence Have in Common?

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What Do Telling the Truth, Forgiveness and Independence Have in Common?

July 4th marks a significant day in the United States because it signifies the freedoms and independence experienced by Americans. Yet, there are those among us who do not feel they share the same liberties as others, for varying reasons. For compulsive gamblers starting the path to recovery, relinquishing certain aspects of their independence, such as control over their finances, is an essential component to assuring they do not have ready access to cash or credit.

Sometimes in life, it is apparent that we need to lose our independence to ultimately regain and appreciate the responsibilities that accompany certain freedoms. And for those who experience difficulties due to gambling, turning over financial control to a trusted person or source is typically something that needs to occur from the outset. In short, a person suffering from disordered gambling should not have control of, or have access to, finances, at home, at work, or elsewhere, because in the final stages of the addiction, these individuals often become desperate and compromised.

Taking an honest look at finances is one of the most difficult aspects of recovery for compulsive gamblers and loved ones because they fear what may be revealed. However, regardless of one’s circumstances or financial situation, it is always possible to create a plan to repair finances.

It’s equally important to note that while 888-ADMIT-IT is readily available to assist with an array of common problems frequently accompanying gambling addiction, it is first the gambler’s responsibility to commit to a plan to improve their financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. As the gambler grows within their recovery program and develops strength in abstinence, it is possible they can resume financial, among other responsibilities.

If you or someone you know are experiencing difficulties due to gambling, declare your independence today by breaking free from addiction, by telling the truth and learning to forgive yourself, which will pave your pathway to recovery. One contact to Your One Sure Thing in Florida, 888-ADMIT-IT, is all it takes to get started, by phone, 888-236-4848, text (321-978-0555), email (fccg@gamblinghelp.org), chat (gamblinghelp.org), via the 888-ADMIT-IT mobile app, or on social media.

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