As Florida’s Gambling Venues Reopen, Prevention of Problem Gambling Needs to be Top-of-Mind

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As Florida’s Gambling Venues Reopen, Prevention of Problem Gambling Needs to be Top-of-Mind

While we are all still navigating our new normal , Florida’s gambling facilities are starting to reopen with new safety measures, including installing plexiglass, rigorous cleaning schedules, reduced capacity, and even disposing of cards and chips to help avoid the spread of the virus. But much like we need to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we must not forget responsible play measures that prevent a different kind of illness: problem gambling. If you choose to gamble, focus on making sure that you create healthy play habits to prevent the development of a gambling addiction.

Prevention is key!

Follow These Responsible Play Guidelines to Keep Gambling Recreational:

  • Set limits on the amount of time and money spent 
  • Remember gambling is “just a game”
  • Know the odds and set realistic expectations
  • Only bet money you CAN afford to lose
  • Know when to stop
  • Don’t chase your losses

The signs are there. Can you see them? 

Know the Signs of Problem Gambling:

  • Chasing losses
  • Exceeding limits on amount of time and money spent
  • Wagering money that you CANNOT afford to lose
  • Gambling to self-medicate or to escape from unpleasant emotions
  • Approaching gambling with unrealistic expectations or viewing it as a source of income

On our website, you can take a short quiz and learn if you are at risk for problem gambling. If you think that gambling has become a problem for you or a loved one, know that help and hope are available 24/7 through the 888-ADMIT-IT Problem Gambling HelpLine. The resources necessary to guide you or a loved one into recovery are just a call away. 

The FCCG’s 24-hour confidential and multilingual HelpLine may be reached by calling 888-ADMIT-IT (888-236-4848), texting (321) 978-0555, emailing fccg@gamblinghelp.org, initiating a live chat at gamblinghelp.org, or by reaching out to us on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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