With Gambling Addiction, Getting Rid of the “I Could Haves and Should Haves” Starts with Reaching Out for Help

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With Gambling Addiction, Getting Rid of the “I Could Haves and Should Haves” Starts with Reaching Out for Help

The blame game? Have you ever played it? Felt it? Do you know it? It comes along the lines of blaming yourself for something you “should have done” or “could have done better.” It begins with a feeling within yourself, most often a negative feeling, that burns within you that in the past, you should have done something a different way that changed the outcome of a situation.

When it comes to problem gambling, those sentiments – the “I could haves and should haves” – come into play in various ways. In the end, it is all about how you react. You have the power to control your future and when you feel powerless, you can always ask for help.

Debunking the myths of problem gambling is important because it helps get rid of stigmas that people have when it comes to those who are suffering from gambling addiction. It is true that people might feel ashamed when it comes to getting help, but there is no shame in getting the help you need. Gambling often starts with just a game but can turn into an addiction. A myth people often believe is, “all compulsive gamblers want to win.”  Problem gamblers become addicted to the “action”. Gambling can change the mood by affecting the biochemistry of the brain much the same way as when an addictive substance is ingested [1].  When one becomes addicted to gambling, stopping becomes much harder to do it without the proper help. Our completely confidential and multilingual HelpLine has the resources necessary to help guide those who are suffering into recovery. All you have to do, whether you are the gambler or a concerned loved one, is call 888-ADMIT-IT (236-4848). Part of getting rid of the “I could haves and should haves” is seeking help. 

For every problem gambler, 8-10 other people are also negatively affected [1]. We are working hard to assist those struggling with this disorder, including those who are affected by another’s gambling problem. Thanks to the loved ones and concerned family members that have called our HelpLine, many have gotten assistance with their gambling addiction. Another way of getting rid of your “I could haves and should haves” is noticing patterns in other people and taking the first step to getting help for yourself while making those who may be struggling with gambling aware that help and hope are available. 

The power is in the action. We have resources available so that those in need have immediate access to help for gambling addiction. Regret doesn’t belong in the equation when there are specialists ready to offer the help you need, 24/7. 

The Florida Council of Compulsive Gambling has the resources necessary to help guide you into recovery through its completely confidential 888-ADMIT-IT Problem Gambling HelpLine. 

The FCCG’s 24-hour confidential and multilingual HelpLine may be reached by calling 888-ADMIT-IT (888-236-4848), texting (321) 978-0555, emailing fccg@gamblinghelp.org, initiating a live chat at gamblinghelp.org, or by reaching out to us on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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