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Bringing Your Visions to Reality: Creating a Recovery Vision Board That Works!

A new year is upon us and while you may want to change some things to improve your personal and/or professional life, you aren’t quite sure how to get started. A vision board is a great place to begin because it will help to provide you with a visualization of where you want to go…
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Establishing A Game Plan That Matters – New Year’s Resolution Week

New Year’s Resolution Week is the first week of January. Setting resolutions is routinely done each year by millions of Americans. Often, resolutions are set to add purpose or meaning to our lives. The onset of a new year also provides opportunity to look ahead versus back. When devising resolutions, it is important to identify…
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Problem Gambling, Anxiety, and Mental Health Checks During Tense Times

While some are excited that the New Year has begun, it may be a different story for others. The continuation of pandemic health risks in the United States, job insecurity, and a tense political climate may cause feelings of anxiety and panic. While 2020 was difficult, everyone should stay keen when it comes to their mental…
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