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Doing Fun Things During Recovery Can Restore Healthy Lives

Having fun is one of the first behaviors that disappears when an individual or a family is dealing with a crisis, such as discovering or acknowledging that you or someone you care about has a serious gambling problem.  Individuals and loved ones of compulsive gamblers often feel bogged down – emotionally and physically burdened with…
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Recovery is a Great Way to Honor Thy Father

June 19th is Father’s Day and is a wonderful time to thank your father or the person in your life who has fulfilled a paternal role.  Often, we do not know what to say or cannot seem to put into words the immense gratitude we may feel. This may be especially true in instances when…
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Educating Children About Money Makes Dollars and Sense

April is National Financial Literacy Month and April 9th-16th is Smart Money Week. Both provide opportunities to address the importance of money management and financial literacy. Talking about finances is difficult. Financial problems are among the top reasons why relationships fail. Yet, for those who experience hardships due to gambling, it is imperative that these…
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