The Truth About Betty White Video

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The Truth About Betty White Video

The Truth About Betty White Video

April 26, 2017

Last year, the FCCG produced a long form interview with Betty White, who survived a brutal attack that almost took her life. And while we are not a non-profit committed to the epidemic of domestic violence, we took to the story because the assailant was Betty’s husband who was also a problem gambler.

We regularly get people sounding off in the comments section of our YouTube video (which has been viewed over 34,000 times). Many of these comments never get published because they are brutal and bullying towards Betty, who is in fact the victim. People fail to realize that her story is real, she is not a paid actor but rather a strong woman who has overcome a tremendous amount of hardship and adversity and is now brave enough to share her story.

She came to us through our helpline, 888-ADMIT-IT. Like many others, we got her the help and support she needed.

Her story is real.

It is horrifying.

And it is a real-life example of how problem gambling can make people do things they never thought they’d do.

Watch for yourself.