Technology: A Force for Good or Evil?

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Technology: A Force for Good or Evil?

Technology: A Force for Good or Evil?

January 18, 2018

From the most basic technologies, i.e. “the wheel”, to the modern smartphone, technology has been changing the world. January 6 is the day to recognize those achievements and to look to the future of technology and how it impacts our daily lives.

In many respects, technology has improved life on Earth. Our world is a lot smaller thanks to technology (both literally and figuratively). You can video chat with a friend who is 3,000 miles away via Skype or other method, largely thanks to amazing advancements in technology.

But often, advancement comes with a price, the phone/super-computer you have in your pocket connects you to the world, but also can be destructive if not used appropriately.

In the world of problem gambling, technology has been both a blessing and a curse. Facebook has plans to roll out AI that will set off alerts for users that are displaying suicidal behavior. Tech advancements like this will literally save lives.

Suicide is unfortunately a large part of the conversation when it related to problem gambling as a gambling addiction puts people in an extremely high risk category.

But with as much good as technology has done, it also can be dangerous, especially for people who struggle with gambling.

The rise of mobile gaming has made gambling easier than ever. You can participate in a wide array of gambling actions, all from your cell phone. Its instant, anonymous, and very easy to wager large amounts of money.

Sports Apps provide the opportunity for users to wager money on fantasy sports with the click of a button.

As we celebrate technology and all the wonderful ways its shaped our world for the better, we must also remember that it is our responsibility to use technology in a safe manner.

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