Big Game. Big Betting.

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Big Game. Big Betting.

Big Game. Big Betting.

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January 31, 2017

The NFL’s big game of the year is just around the corner. The media circus that surrounds America’s largest one-day sports event seems to grow larger each year. Companies will likely spend over 3 million dollars for a thirty second advertising spot. Everything is bigger when it comes to the this game. More exposure, more money, and more gambling.

In fact, it is one of the most wagered upon sports event of the year. And for problem gamblers, the hoopla that surrounds February 5 is often a major distraction and potential disruption in the road to recovery.

In the problem gambling community, the big game is called the Desperation Bowl as it is the last chance gamblers have in making back any money they lost throughout the season.  Gamblers will wager larger amounts of money on the game just to try to break even.  

Last year, Americans legally wagered over 100 million dollars on the game, and an estimated 4.2 billion was wagered illegally.  This year industry experts expect that figure to increase. Some of the most popular and alluring bets are “prop bets.” These are wagers on non-conventional aspects that surround the game. Here are some example prop bets that revolve around the concept of records being broken. As you’ll notice, there are prop bets for just about anything.

Prop odds to break records for the big game:

Will any player break the record of 414 passing yards?
Yes +1000
No -3000

Will any player break the record of 215 receiving yards?
Yes +1100
No -4000

Will any player break the record of 204 rushing yards?
Yes +1200
No -5500

Will any player break the record of 6 touchdown passes?
Yes +1150
No -4500

Will any player break the record of 13 receptions?
Yes +1100
No -4000

Anything that can be quantified as a statistic can be wagered on, making this time of year extremely dangerous for people who struggle with a problem gambling. With the big game comes a variety of bets designed to make even someone with little interest in gambling want to get in on the action.

This time of year is particularly hard for people who are struggling with a gambling addiction, especially for people whose game of choice is sports betting. Whether it’s online, at the office, or doing something as simple as betting at your neighborhood watch party, it seems like the opportunities to gamble on the big game are endless.

The FCCG Gambling Helpline will be available and taking calls before, during, and after the big game. Should you feel that your gambling has become a problem, please give us a call.