Responsible Gift Giving

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Responsible Gift Giving

Responsible Gift Giving

December 2, 2015

Santa Says Give Responsibly.

The holiday season is upon us. If you have survived Black Friday but aren’t done shopping, we have an important message for you.

Give responsibly this holiday season!

Everyone loves giving and receiving gifts but there are some parameters to consider when gifting. Make sure your gifts are appropriate. There are some gifts that just don’t make sense for some people. I bought my Mom a toaster one year as a Christmas gift. This was in part because ours was broke and as a wise guy teenager, I thought it would be funny to get her a toaster. My odd sense of humor combined with my desire to have warm pop tarts in the morning, made that gift one I’m still living down.

Would you buy your soccer playing, rough housing, nephew a doll house? And grandma probably doesn’t need roller blades. There are some gifts that just don’t make sense. Then there are some gifts that are actually not legal. You probably shouldn’t stuff your 15 year old’s stocking with cigarettes, that would be illegal. You probably shouldn’t buy your 10 year old a motorcycle, as much as they want it.

And you shouldn’t stuff stockings with scratch off tickets.
Gambling is illegal for people under the age of 18. An overwhelming majority of problem gamblers report their first experience gambling was often before they were of legal age to gamble. While not everyone who gambles becomes a problem gambler, it’s important to remember that gambling is a process addiction. You can’t develop a gambling problem without actually gambling!

So at the FCCG we ask you to give responsibly this holiday season and keep the lottery tickets out of the stockings of people under the age of 18!

And who are we kidding, you weren’t going to let your 8 year old keep the money if they won $50,000 😉

Stay on the nice list, give responsibly!