Problem Gambling Awareness Month

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Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Problem Gambling Awareness Month

March 8, 2016

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month and with every March, the addiction support community rallies together in a grand push to raise awareness about a public health issue that has major impacts on our country. Millions of Americans are negatively impacted by problem gambling. Yet, it doesn’t get the same recognition as drugs and alcohol. In fact, there is a large sentiment that a gambling addiction is simply one displaying bad behavior.

Those affected by problem gambling know this is far from the truth. A gambling addiction’s hold over a person can best be described as gripping, even all-consuming. It is not uncommon for problems gamblers to do things their sober selves would never consider doing.

Last year, the FCCG had a video produced about Betty White and her experience living with a problem gambler, (not thee Betty White). She described her husband as a loving, caring, involved member of the community. They enjoyed a long relationship and a stable life. This was true until he got into gambling. The lies, deceit, and change started it. Within a short period, Betty was sleeping next to a man she hardly knew.

It got to the point that he attempted to murder Betty, almost taking the life of his beloved wife. Although an extreme case, gambling can change the very fabric of a person’s being. Transforming them into something so distant from their original self.

This March, take time to consider how a gambling addiction can affect people. Visit our PGAM site to learn more about the addiction and how it affects people. By bringing awareness to this issue, we help people negatively affected while ensuring the public from future harm.

Visit www.problemgamblingawarenessmonth.org.