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Peer Connect

Peer Connect

June 22, 2017

Addiction affects more than just a single person. In fact, experts say that addiction directly affects 8-10 people. Often as the addiction begins to take more of a hold on the addict, their functioning begins to become impaired.

Strained relationships.

Poor job performance.

Distressed finances.

Gambling addiction is like a weed that takes root in all areas of your life. In particular, the family members of addicts have a unique challenge. Living in a family that struggles with addiction requires a specific set of skills and experiences.

Luckily, the FCCG has a program that helps the loved ones of problem gamblers. By calling our gambling helpline, callers receive access to our Peer Connect Program.

Our Peer Connect Program connects callers with people that have lived through a spouse, child, or loved one who has struggled with a gambling problem. They understand the road to recovery, what is helpful, and what is not. They can often provide clarity and direction, but more importantly, they provide support to loved ones in the early stages of recovery.

Without proper knowledge and guidance, loved ones of gamblers often find themselves in unhealthy, codependent relationships. Codependency revolves around the idea that an individual is addicted to a person entangled in an addiction or multiple addictions. Our Peer Connect Program can help shed light on how to effectively navigate this situation.

Here are some examples of codependent behaviors.


Although living with an addict is never easy, we can help give you the support and tools you need. Should you wish to connect with a peer, call 888-ADMIT-IT.