National Simplicity Day Can Serve as Foundation for Gambling Recovery Addiction

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National Simplicity Day Can Serve as Foundation for Gambling Recovery Addiction

July 12th, National Simplicity Day, is a time to take a break, sit back, relax, and figure out ways to slow your life down to enjoy the simple moments, using the summertime to nurture these spaces and activities for yourself and those closest to you. If you are recovering from a gambling addiction and trying to balance between the responsibilities of your recovery program and everyday life, this July 12th, celebrate Simplicity Day by identifying what activities in your life can be eliminated, which could be healthy substitutes, being sure to note how these changes make you feel, and how they affect others, such as family members or other loved ones.

Oftentimes, people start gambling as a means of socializing with family or friends. While fun and entertainment are common reasons why people partake in various wagering games, for others in search of a distraction from everyday life or other disturbances, gambling can turn into a crutch that over time can become a debilitating compulsion. The breaking point often surfaces when people can no longer justify gambling as fun because all evidence points to negative outcomes, such as lost money, relationships, homes, jobs, and in some cases, lives.

Upon entering recovery from a gambling problem, it is essential to keep things simple, by adding new activities into your life that are stress-free.  First, it is important that you replace the energy, time, and effort you spent on gambling with other activities. Second, as you begin to engage in new activities, you will have the opportunity to meet new friends or reconnect with those you already know. It will also furnish inroads to explore new things that are healthy and stress-free that you can participate in with others.

July is Social Wellness Month in the United States, and its timing coincides perfectly with Simplicity Day because it refers to the relationships we have and how we interact with others. Relationships provide support and according to the University of California, Davis, the focus of Social Wellness Month is on “building healthy, nurturing, and supportive relationships, and fostering genuine connections with those around you. [1]” An addiction to gambling can often destroy relationships that can take time a lifetime to build. So, it’s imperative to surround yourself with people who support you, are worthy of your trust, honor your boundaries, and encourage you to care for yourself, while remaining true to you! Always remember, strong, healthy relationships will always play an important role throughout your life [2].

The key is balance. Keep your mind focused on finding and feeling the happiness that comes with experiencing everyday life in a positive, balanced, and simplified way. Just be sure to pace yourself. Whenever you create a plan to make changes in your life, while it’s important to keep things simple, it’s equally essential to set realistic goals along the way. The best approach is to start with small, manageable pieces that you can easily tackle.  It will take some investment in time to build a new life without gambling, so give yourself the time you need.  Also, remember to pay attention to your needs, to keep in mind what your priorities are, and to keep Simplicity Day as a foundation to your ongoing recovery plan, by taking life one day at a time.

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