Think You Know March Madness? Get to Know PGAM.

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Think You Know March Madness? Get to Know PGAM.

March marks the beginning of Problem Gambling Awareness Month. Organizations from around the country partake in this grassroots campaign to help raise awareness concerning the issue of problem gambling.

March also marks the beginning of March Madness, the NCAA’s largest sporting tournament when basketball teams from around the country compete for a national championship.

Betting on the games is big business. The NCAA tournament now ranks second to only the NFL season finale in terms of betting and seems to be gaining ground in recent years.  There is so much action going on from the first tip with four consecutive games going all through the day.  The opening two days of the tournament feature over 16 games and give gamblers a ton of betting options.

For gambling addicts in recovery, this time of year could be extremely difficult. From office pools to online gambling, the opportunity to wager may prove difficult to avoid.

During this time, be respectful of people’s boundaries. Should someone not want to participate in the office pool, respect their right to abstain.

Gambling is often called the Hidden Addiction, meaning that it is difficult to tell that someone is struggling.

Should you or someone you know struggle with gambling, please know that help and hope are available by calling 888-ADMIT-IT.