Making the Rose Bowl Your New Year’s Day Tradition

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Making the Rose Bowl Your New Year’s Day Tradition

There are countless New Year’s traditions from champagne toasts to watching the ball drop. For many Americans, New Year’s Day means settling down on the couch with friends and family to enjoy the Rose Bowl. This New Year’s tradition is increasing in popularity each year, with the 2019 game drawing in a record audience of more than 16.7 million viewers.1 The game has consistently increased in viewership year after year. The 2019 Rose Bowl saw a 7% increase in views from the 2017 game and a whopping 24% increase from the 2016 game. 1

The Rose Bowl appeals to a widespread and diverse audience, which makes it no surprise that it is becoming more popular every year! Some enjoy the game for the sport, while others are drawn to the intense college rivalries and a desire to support their alma mater. The addition of the Rose Parade to this sporting event creates a massive appeal that also draws in individuals who may not consider themselves football fans. Whatever the reason for watching, it is clear this sporting event will continue to grow as a New Year’s Day tradition.


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Make 2020 the Year We Shine Light on Gambling Addiction

With this tradition on the rise, it’s understandable that sports gambling is not uncommon this time of year. According to the ESPN sports network, $95 billion is gambled in under-the-table NFL and college football wagers every year. 2 Not only is sports betting illegal in the State of Florida, encouraging betting or forming betting pools can trigger a recovering gambling addict. Gambling addition is a hidden addiction due to the lack of visible symptoms, and it is quite possible that you have a loved one suffering from this issue. If you are having friends and family over for the 2020 game, remember, don’t make sports gambling a New Year’s tradition. Instead, create a safe and comfortable environment for all of your loved ones by staying away from sports gambling this New Year’s Day.

The FCCG encourages you to help shine the light on gambling addiction in 2020.  If you or a loved one may be struggling with a gambling problem, contact Florida’s Problem Gambling HelpLine, 888-ADMIT-IT (236-4848). It’s available 24/7, completely confidential, multilingual, and provides help and hope for loved ones as well. The HelpLine is also available via text at 321-978-0555, LiveChat on gamblinghelp.org, by email at fccg@gamblinghelp.org, or by messaging the FCCG’s Facebook and Twitter pages.


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