Ice Hockey Didn’t Always Have Nets

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Ice Hockey Didn’t Always Have Nets

Did you know that goal nets haven’t always been a part of ice hockey? The sport has a long history, dating back to at least March 3, 1875, when the first recorded game took place at the Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal, Canada.[1] At first, the goal zone was marked only by two poles or rocks placed on the ice on either side. An official would stand at the end of the rink and watch to see if the puck passed between the poles to determine whether a goal was scored.

As you can imagine, this caused many disputes between the players and the official. Teams would often argue with the official and between each other. Sometimes, the official would be accused of favoring the home team. In 1889, this gave goaltender William Fairbrother an idea: get some netting from local fishermen and tie it to the two posts. Players loved the new system, as it reduced the amount of arguments and increased the pace of the games.[2]

Watching a National Hockey League game today, it’s hard to conceive ice hockey without the goal net. As great as it is, it did not eliminate disputes. Neither did slow-motion cameras and replays. How about infrared puck and player-tracking technology?[3] The competitive nature of sports and passionate fan bases all but assure us that “questioning the call” is here to stay. While disputes are part of the career for players, coaches, and officials, they can be part of the fun and camaraderie for fans. But if bets are on the table, it’s another story.

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