Have the Conversation: National Purposeful Parenting Month

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Have the Conversation: National Purposeful Parenting Month

Have the Conversation: National Purposeful Parenting Month

July 20, 2017

July is National Purposeful Parenting Month, which strives to build strong, positive, and healthy relationships between parents and their children. One of the many goals for all parents is to emphasize healthy communication skills and teach their children independence. The world is a more complicated place than it was just decades prior, therefore children face unique challenges and pressures.

One of the many ways in which purposeful parenting can occur is by modeling the behaviors we want our children to learn. Everyone is familiar with the saying, “monkey see, monkey do.” Children learn habits and behaviors from their environment and role models. There is mounting evidence that suggests that positive parenting practices such as monitoring your children’s activities, having an open style of communication, and assisting your children in developing goals and helping them plan how to meet them can override negative outside influences.

During the month of July, we encourage every parent to have an open conversation with your child concerning responsible money management and the risks of gambling. Children are more susceptible to struggle with problem gambling the earlier they are exposed. Many problem gamblers report placing their first bet even before they are of legal age to do so. Although gambling at a young age can seem innocent and harmless, studies have shown that children who are introduced to and begin gambling by the age 12, are four times more likely to become a problem gambler as an adult.

Have the conversation!  Instilling good financial practices now can prevent costly mistakes in the future!

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