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Start the New Year Off Balanced

Post by Administrator » Wed Feb 06, 2019 3:07 pm

Find Your Path To Financial Recovery

Often, upon starting the new year, many of us look to the days and months ahead as a way to start fresh or bring more balance to our lives. This is particularly true for problem gamblers as the financial impacts of addiction can be devastating and may even feel impossible to overcome. The good news is hope and help are available for those who wish to take charge of their finances in the new year.

The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling (FCCG), is committed to ensuring that all Floridians who are negatively impacted by gambling addiction
are equipped with the vital tools needed in order to defeat problem gambling - regardless of one’s ability to pay.

The FCCG offers an array of supports and resources through its 888-ADMIT-IT Helpline, tailored to specific populations, and best of all, are free to Florida residents, including treatment ( Recovery Path Treatment Program, Peer Connect Program, Budget Toolkit, Self-Help Workbooks, and more). If
you or someone you know has a gambling problem, commit to making 2019 the year you get back on track - contact our Confidential, Multilingual, HelpLine 888-ADMIT-IT today. HelpLine Specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So go on, take the first step.

Tips for Financial Recovery

Admitting that you have lost control is no easy task and takes great courage. Once you have identified gambling as the root of your financial troubles, the second step towards recovery is to yet again “ADMIT-IT”.

Determine exactly how much you owe and to whom, and take note of all essential living expenses. It’s important to be completely honest with not only yourself, but also with your loved ones during this process. For some, this can be extremely difficult or may even feel harder than disclosing your gambling problem. However, ignoring the truth will just make matters worse. Addressing your financial situation is essential to improving both your finances and regaining the trust of those adversely affected by your gambling.

After you have identified what needs to be paid,commit to making payments. If you are unable to afford your monthly payments, you still have options. It may be possible to work out some sort of agreement with your debt collectors, such as reducing your payments, or consolidating outstanding accounts. If you communicate that you fell behind due to an addiction and are in recovery, collectors may be able to bring your account “current” or even allow a deferment or forbearance period so you do not continue to receive collection calls and accrue additional late fees while you’re getting back on your feet. For more tips and information on financial recovery, call a HelpLine Specialist today at 888-ADMIT-IT, and ask about the Budget Toolkit. If you are facing legal fees or consequences due to gambling, the FCCG can also provide additional resources.

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