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Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:29 pm
by Administrator

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month. As a result of ongoing manufacturer research, technology now provides computerized slot machines with the ability to appeal to the player on almost every level of the senses, (light, sound, visually, and the illusion of an “almost win”) and all with the touch of a button. The stock market gambler can purchase and sell stocks on their computer from home as fast as they can touch the key. Anywhere there is an internet connection, the sports bettor (via fantasy sports sites) can input hundreds of lineups in an instant. Technology has made access to gambling more convenient.
Easy Access–Computers, smart phones and even some watches, provide the gambler with the ability to place a bet anytime and from any place.

Speed of Play-Slot machines, online stock trading, and sports betting using smart devices, allow the gambler to place a bet within seconds.
Continuous Play-The ability to bet on every play of a football game in real time via smart devices or the convenience of no actual exchange of cash to play a slot machine places the gambler in a non-stop “zone” requiring no necessity or opportunity to consider amounts lost or whether they should continue to gamble.
As a result of technology, gambling opportunities are available in ways never before experienced and its impact on problem gambling are yet to be seen and measured. As gambling becomes more accessible and at much younger ages, how can we help protect individuals and provide treatment , education and support?

We need your help in spreading the word about problem gambling!
What can you do?
Contact the FCCG at 407-865-6200 for free materials that can be disseminated in your community or organization
Visit to learn about this addiction and how you can help educate the public
We appreciate your acknowledgment of this important month long campaign to raise awareness!
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