Assisted Living Coalition Educated on Seniors and Gambling

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Assisted Living Coalition Educated on Seniors and Gambling

Post by AJFCS » Mon May 02, 2011 9:53 am

At a recent Florida Assisted Living Coaltion, we were able to educate many senior living communities on the pitfalls and numerous problems associated with their seniors and problem gambling.

Gambling by senior citizens has surged in states that have legalized and glamorized various forms of wagering from state lotteries, playing the horses, to casino gambling.

Residents may gamble to excess after the death of a spouse or after retiring and losing the sense of worth they felt when they were working. They may have outlived many friends and family members or be separated by large geographical distances from children.

Senior citizens grew up in an era of different influences and values. Their life experiences are broader and their concerns are different from those of other age groups. However, the reasons for gambling are generally similar, regardless of age.

Too often, senior living communities allow for trips to casinos or various forms of "wagering" activities. With the education given to these numerous communities, we are hoping that they will adapt more "risk-free" activities and community programming to benefit their residents and mitigate potential emotional and financial issues.

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