FAU's Life Long Learners Get Educated on Problem Gambling.

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FAU's Life Long Learners Get Educated on Problem Gambling.

Post by AJFCS » Tue Dec 28, 2010 10:01 am

On Thursday, December 9th, approximately 250 active adults and younger adults attended a lifelong learning seminar held at Florida Atlantic University. As part of an ongoing, annual cirriculum, topics from addition, bullying, aging-in-place, and other pertinent issues are addressed with expert speakers and panelists, along with film and other learning tools.

AJFCS has the privelege of setting up an FCCG specific booth, to shed light on compulsive gambling in a relatively affluent community. Participants had roughly 3 hours to access material, engage in dialogue with staff at the FCCG booth, and have their questions answered in person along with supplemental resources should they need additional supports. Many attendees were quite surprised when shown local demographics and statistics pertaining to problem gambling. Many responses were along the lines of, "well I know someone who gambles too much, but I couldn't imagine that there were so many!"

The program was well received, and AJFCS & FCCG will be invited to participate in future events and symposiums targeting audiences that would benefit from FCCG's resources.

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Re: FAU's Life Long Learners Get Educated on Problem Gamblin

Post by SmartOne » Tue Sep 13, 2016 2:26 pm

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