Gambling Workshop to Take Place at Panther Run Elementary

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Gambling Workshop to Take Place at Panther Run Elementary

Post by AJFCS » Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:53 am

On Monday, October 25th, AJFCS will be doing a workshop for various parents, teachers, and PTA members spanning numerous elementary schools in the Wellington/Royal Palm Beach/Lake Worth Florida area.
With a focus on mental health and wellness for both parents and children, AJFCS, amongst other topics, will be covering gambling issues affecting children in elementary schools and providing the approriate tools to combat the potential for increased risk. Presenters include Harvard Educated Child Psychiatrist Dr. Jeryl Kershner, Yale Educated Clinical Psychologist Dr. Elaine Rotenberg, and Sr. Director of Marketing & Communications Derek Hurwitch.

With the help of Lead Guidance Counselor Joe LaVerso, we hope to be able to implement programming within Panther Run Elementary and other middle schools and elementary schools in the surrounding area.

Updates will be posted as to the progress with these schools and the impact we have made in terms of education, awareness, and prevention.

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