Are Seniors Learning to Negotiate Online Gambling?

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Are Seniors Learning to Negotiate Online Gambling?

Post by AJFCS » Tue Dec 01, 2009 4:19 pm

Recently, we attended a volunteer fair and in conversation, heard numerous seniors talking about online poker and online gaming. At first, it seemed very isolated as the numbers were minimal. After attending this event, we did a little research and found that this is a trend on the rise and deserves some attention.

Seniors are the fasting growing population of internet users. As technology has advanced, social networking (sites like facebook, twitter and others) have become convenient and accessible methods for older adults to communicate with their children and grandchildren. There is however the unfortunate correlation between increased internet use and increased online gaming for the senior population.

Accessing technology is something that can benefit seniors in dramatic fashion. "Now as the web becomes more accessible to more and more people, retired pensioners and the elderly are learning to use the laptops that their grandchildren have given them for Christmas and are joining facebook and other social networking groups in an effort to stay in touch. The skill of being able to negotiate the mouse has created a new consumer group for online gambling, the senior."

The problem, which is not presented as such above, is that online casinos and gambling sites are monitoring seniors' internet traffic and finding ways to advertise in the virtual forums that seniors frequent. With easy perks such as "first $25 free" and "free versions" of casino games, more and more seniors are becoming hooked on this new, and dangerous online trend.

For more information and a detailed article, click on the following link.

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