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More women are gambling than ever before, and many are experiencing problems. Women represent one-third of all problem gamblers, but only one-tenth participate in self-help groups or other forms of treatment. Women feel ashamed of the problems caused by their gambling. They don’t want others to see them as being weak or incapable. So, they are reluctant to seek help. However, you are not alone.

• Do you use gambling to escape from your life or life’s problems?
• Do you ever feel hypnotized by the action of the game?
• Is your personal life falling apart, or are your relationships crumbling?
• Are you experiencing financial difficulties because of your gambling?
• Do you lie about or conceal your gambling?
• Do you borrow or steal money from friends, family or work to support your gambling?
• Do you feel remorse about your gambling?
• Are you neglecting your family or friends as a result of your gambling?
• Do you lose time from work or school due to gambling?
• Do you feel you have lost the ability to control your gambling?
• Do you have self-destructive thoughts due to your gambling?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, gambling may be a problem. For assistance with a gambling problem, call our 24-hour HelpLine. The call is free, confidential and anonymous.

24-hour Confidential HelpLine

If you are seeking information about problem gambling, you can call our HelpLine or post a message. When posting a message, please be aware one or more persons will get back to you, but the response will not be immediate.