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Latino/Hispanic Information and Resources

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According to the 2012 Census Data, Florida has a 23.2% Latino/Hispanic population, which is far above the national average of 16.9%. Knowing these facts, the FCCG has made efforts through the years to reach out to Latino/Hispanics to ensure that this population is properly represented in all forms of prevention programs, self-help materials, and educational information. Programs such as Las Caras del Problema de Juego, which is a series of vignettes designed to educate Latino/Hispanics about the dangers of problem gambling, or the Spanish self-help workbooks Chance for Change are just two of the components in the FCCG’s vast inventory that are designed to assist this ethnic group. A multitude of Spanish placards and brochures are available to the public as well. In addition, the FCCG also has bi-lingual staff that handle Spanish HelpLine and peer connect calls. The FCCG also utilizes an advertising campaign in the areas of the state where there is a significant percentage of Latino/Hispanics (i.e. Miami-Dade County).


In fiscal year 2013/2014, 22.4% of the HelpLine contacts were from Latino/Hispanics. This tells the FCCG that their efforts are making a tremendous impact on this population. (see below for more stats)


  • 73% claimed family conflict due to gambling
  • 26% cited suicidal ideations due to gambling
  • 20% had committed illegal acts
  • 78% stated they were depressed due to gambling
  • 66% preferred slots over other gambling games
  • 57% had pawned or sold assets in order to finance their gambling