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WEB LETTER | Two Letters Make a Big Difference: Illegal Gambling Disguised in Florida as Arcade Gaming

Easily accessible, illegal gambling disguised as arcade gaming has spread to thousands of strip malls and stand-alone storefronts all over Florida. As a result, the FCCG’s 888-ADMIT-IT Problem Gambling HelpLine is experiencing a surge in contacts related to these shady establishments[1], sometimes referred to as “game rooms” or “gambling houses.” Download our August 2023 Web…
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Celebración del Día Nacional de los Cuidadores y el Mes de la Independencia de las Personas Mayores

Las generaciones anteriores a nosotros han allanado el camino para nuestro futuro, y el Consejo de Apuestas Compulsivas de Florida está aprovechando esta oportunidad para festejar a las personas mayores en nuestras vidas durante el Mes de la Independencia de las Personas Mayores. Este mes se diseñó para honrar la independencia de una persona mayor…
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Celebrating National Caregivers Day & Senior Independence Month

The generations before us have paved the way for our future and the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling is taking this opportunity to celebrate the senior citizens in our lives during Senior Independence Month. This month was designed to honor a senior’s independence and draw attention to activities and programs that can help them maintain…
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El Día Nacional de la Tercera Edad es un Momento Para Obtener Ayuda

El Día Nacional de la Tercera Edad es el 21 de agosto de cada año y es una oportunidad para expresar agradecimiento a los estadounidenses mayores por sus contribuciones para mejorar nuestras familias, nuestras comunidades y nuestro país.  Florida es un destino para los adultos mayores al igual que para los jóvenes. El estado atrae…
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National Senior Day is a Time to Secure Help

National Senior Citizens Day is August 21st of each year and is an opportunity  to express thanks to older Americans for their contributions to making our families, our communities, and our country better.  Florida is a destination for older adults, who flock to the state, as do their younger counterparts to enjoy the weather, the…
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Octubre es un mes para honrar a los adultos mayores

Octubre es un mes para honrar a los adultos mayores. El 1 de octubre es el Día Internacional de las Personas Mayores, establecido por las Naciones Unidas (ONU), para crear conciencia pública sobre los problemas que afectan a las personas mayores. El tema de este año, Equidad digital para todas las edades, se centra en…
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October is a Time to Honor Older Adults

October is a time to honor older adults. October 1st is International Day of Older Persons, established by the United Nations (UN), to raise public awareness about issues affecting the elderly.  This year’s theme, Digital Equity for All Ages, focuses on the growth of the internet, mobile applications, and all tools to collect, store, analyze,…
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For National Senior Health and Fitness Day, Learn How Problem Gambling Can Affect Older Adults

Though gambling addiction is serious for anyone affected, different factors come into play for older adults. Retirees have plenty of leisure time on hand, and unfortunately, those who have a problem with gambling will see this as an opportunity to spend even more time and money at casinos or on other types of gambling, worsening…
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