7 non-related but ever-important questions to ask yourself

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7 non-related but ever-important questions to ask yourself

7 non-related but ever-important questions to ask yourself

July 2, 2015


The FCCG recently visited the University of Central Florida’s Counselor Education program and presented our Awareness Now program to their counselors in training. Being a graduate of the program, it was comforting to walk back into the classroom. There is something therapeutic about being in a group of people who share similar experiences; this is surely a common factor in what makes self-help groups and group therapies so powerful. The classroom is safe environment where people can stretch, grow, and develop. My favorite part about being in the classroom is being in a room with a bunch of people who are smarter than I am.


Now, this is no knock on my mental acuity, but I am a firm believer that:

re in the wrong room

I love being surrounded by different viewpoints, experiences, and energies.


As I took in Dr. Reid’s presentation, reflected on my own, and interacted with our audience, I couldn’t help but feel stuck on the following questions…


  1. Is gambling, or any other addiction, really about the addiction, or is it a failure to develop healthy coping? So much of our behavior is a means to cope with what we experience…


  1. How much do we really pay attention to our coping skills?


  1. How does boredom affect addicts? The concept of boredom is never something I’ve clinically explored with a client… And of course once Dr. Reid started talking about boredom and addiction I instantly wanted to go back in time and re-do some of my old sessions!


  1. What is therapy? Does therapy have to organized or even led by someone other than yourself? In an attempt to organize, label, and make sense of the human experience, do we restrict the concept of therapy?


  1. What type of role does hope play in recovery?


  1. How much time do we take out for our own wellness?


  1. What can the treatment community do to better serve the general public?


Excuse my word vomit and randomness, but a lot was covered in our 75-minute presentation! I would encourage each of you to wrestle with these questions, however discombobulated they appear before you.


Pay special attention to coping… how do you cope with all that life throws at you?


Until next time!