The NCAA Cracks Down on Fantasy Sports

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The NCAA Cracks Down on Fantasy Sports

The NCAA Cracks Down on Fantasy Sports

September 30, 2015

40 million Americans play fantasy sports.

That number includes scores of college athletes.

Call it the Pete Rose affect, but there is a general distaste for the of athletes partaking in gambling.

The NCAA recently took a stand against fantasy sports, barring their players from participating in any fantasy sports game. Players who violate the NCAA bylaw will be subject to a year long suspension. The different responses towards the NCAA’s ruling have been interesting. Some declare the NCAA ruling a step in the right direction, a sign that institutions are beginning to call for restrictions and oversight into the fantasy community.

Some people think the ban is a restrictive move, infringing on the free will of college athletes. As it stands now, gambling on fantasy sports is legal and is considered a “game of skill.” The debate on the role, legality, and scope of fantasy sports will surely play out over the near future. In the meantime, we would love to hear what you think about the topic!

Should fantasy sports be legal in the United States?

Should NCAA college athletes be banned from participating in fantasy sports?

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