Recovery Path

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Recovery Path

Recovery Path

November 29, 2016

Each day, our organization answers Helpline calls from all over the state. Over the years, we have got a pretty full picture of how problem gambling affects our community.

Let’s try an exercise.

I want you to picture your stereotypical gambling addict.

For just 5 seconds, close your eyes and imagine that person.

You’d may be surprised to learn that whoever you pictured represents just one of the many faces of problem gambling. Truth is, there is no one stereotype that fits the gambling addict mold.

Problem gambling knows no boundaries in respect to race, religion, gender, or age. It is an equal opportunity affliction.

Problem gambling is unique in that way.

While each gambler has their own unique story, there is one thing that ties almost all people who call out helpline together.


The average debt of our callers exceeds $50,000. Problem gambling can devastate the finances of an individual and their families. A dire financial state often brings about intense bouts of anxiety and depression.

While we can’t speak to what other states offer, we can assertively say that here in Florida, we have removed one of the major barriers to treatment.

Should you be addicted to cocaine, therapy and treatment often comes at a cost. Sometimes, the cost of treatment prevents people from even seeking help in the first place. Here in Florida, things are a little different.

We understand that the massive debt that often accompanies problem gambling would normally make seeking treatment almost impossible. However, Floridians are uniquely positioned to take advantage of an amazing program.

In comes the FCCG’s Recovery Path program.

Our Recovery Path program is available for eligible gamblers and loved ones. The program is relatively straightforward. For eligible callers, we pay for the cost of counseling. We pair you with a certified gambling counselor. These mental health professionals have specialized training in order to be able to work with gambling addicts.

Cost is no longer a barrier to getting help. Should you want to take advantage of this fantastic program, call 888-ADMIT-IT.