Problem Gambling… a Family Addiction

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Problem Gambling… a Family Addiction

Recently, the FCCG was afforded the opportunity to speak to community members of the Port Orange Library. The presentation consisted of a standard overview of problem gambling. The audience was engaged, asked questions, and seemed to display a thirst to learn more about a very important topic.

The Q & A session that succeeded the presentation had a different tone. The audience members bravely shared their personal experiences with problem gambling.

There was a clear, undeniable theme.

Problem gambling is not an addiction that quietly affects just the addict. It is an addiction that often wreaks widespread havoc and despair on family, close friends, and loved ones. There is a popular statistic that declares each problem gambler negatively impacts 8-10 people… At the end of the Q & A that statistic felt much more real.

Interacting with the audience and hearing their stories served as a reminder of the reach of problem gambling. The audience members were desperate to understand what their loved ones were going through. But understanding wasn’t enough; many yearned to understand their role and what they can do to help.

If you are reading this and want to learn more about problem gambling or even need to know where to turn for help, click here.