Breadsticks and Debt

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Breadsticks and Debt

Breadsticks and Debt

July 10, 2016

Suffering from a gambling addiction is a unique affliction on many fronts. Make no mistake, gambling is a behavior, and like many other process addictions, individuals are compelled to do engage in the act. Consider this, you are out at dinner and the restaurant you are dining at this evening has unlimited bread and butter prior to your meal. Your server puts down the fresh, hot loaf and you immediately dig in. Being the smart consumer you are, you know that consuming bread is a major source of calories. You know you should not consume two entire loafs of bread on your own prior to the appetizer arriving, but you just can’t help yourself. 15 minutes later, you are have completely spoiled your appetite and have no room for the rest of the meal.

Many, if not all of us have been there.

While eating too much bread can lead to a bigger waistline on top of a whole host of other health concerns, partaking in excessive and irresponsible gambling can leave people in a whole different situation. The compulsion, can lead to massive debt.

One of the most distressing symptoms of gambling is the massive debt problem gamblers rack up.

Every day the FCCG fields help calls from people in distress. To the outside world, hearing that the average caller is 50 thousand dollars in debt is shocking. To us, it’s the reality of the disease.

With problem gambling often comes debt.

The good news is you can rebound.

Every person’s financial situation is different. Some gamblers can be hundreds of dollars in debt, while others can have debt climbing into the 5 or even 6 digit range. The amount of debt a person can shoulder largely has to do with many factors, which makes dealing with gambling debt truly unique. While repaying thousands of dollars can seem like a daunting task, rest assured, it can be done.

This spring, we unveiled a debt management tool. Should you or a loved one be in debt, you can download our free PDF and complete the guide.

Click here to download the debt toolkit.