Self-Exclusion Programs

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Self-Exclusion Programs are provided as a resource through the 888-ADMIT-IT HelpLine as a tool to help people control their gambling behavior and restrict access to money, gambling venues, and gambling platforms for those in need.

Land-Based Gambling Operators Self-Exclusion Programs

In instances when a gambler has lost control of their gambling and can no longer self-regulate their gambling  behaviors, self-exclusion provides an opportunity to exclude oneself from returning to a land-based gambling establishment for a minimum period of time ranging from a mandatory 6 months up to a lifetime. Many operators of land-based gambling facilities have developed programs to allow customers to voluntarily self-exclude themselves, as a means of restricting their access to gambling.

Online Gambling Operator Self-Exclusion Programs

Many years of research has concluded how crucial online gambling self-exclusion can be. Online self-exclusion from Online Gambling Operators is enacted at the player’s will.  It is a personal choice to restrict access to specific online betting platforms, helping to weaken the impact of problem gambling, which can be very dangerous. The nature of addictions varies, as do the options offered by Online Gambling Operators. 

Self-Exclusion Access to Cash Programs

Self-exclusion Access to Cash Programs provide resources and tools to help support financial recovery and promote financial wellness.  The FCCG provides referrals to Financial Service Providers that provide access to cash for gambling operators through networks of ATM’s, cash access kiosks, booths, credit, and other financial access services. Another resource provides access to cash restrictions through a customizable and reloadable VISA debit card that can be obtained and customized to work where gamblers need it to and to block where they don’t, helping to provide restricted access to funds and limit gambling related losses. Other options include blocking gambling transactions through online payment gateways, and much more. Self-Exclusion Access to Cash Programs are provided as a resource through the 888-ADMIT-IT HelpLine as a tool to help people control their gambling behavior and restrict access to money if gambling has become problematic.

Self-Exclusion – Internet Controls & Web Blocking Software

Self-Exclusion Internet Controls & Web Blocking Software can also be a powerful tool for those that gamble on the Internet and would like to block the ability to access gambling sites, track and control Internet usage, or restrict access at specific times.  Like self-exclusion, web-based exclusion programs allow users to “ban” themselves from being able to gamble online.

Self-Exclusion – Ad Blocking Settings & Controls

With gambling advertising appearing across all platforms (radio, television, online, social media, billboards, etc.) and targeted towards all demographics, its more difficult than ever to avoid potential triggers these ads can cause. Constant exposure to these advertisements is known to have an adverse effect on those who are at-risk or in recovery. For those negatively impacted by gambling, trying to avoid all possible triggers, depending on the household’s internet, television, social media, and other habits, can be an almost impossible task, but there are some protective measures available to help limit exposure to gambling advertisements through popular online platforms. For an added layer of protection, there are also software and plugins designed to block all online advertising.

Self-Exclusion – Stock/Cryptocurrency Trading Restrictions

Previous research has identified that excessive trading can be a gambling disorder. Grall-Bronnec et al (2017) found that addictive-like trading behavior can be a subset of gambling disorders. Similarly, a study by Mills et al (2019) presented preliminary findings on cryptocurrency trading among regular gamblers and found that over 50% of regular gamblers have traded cryptocurrencies in the previous year and that trading cryptocurrencies was associated with risk for problem gambling, depression and anxiety.

Cryptocurrency trading and stock trading are the most prevalent, posing a higher-risk trading option for problem gamblers where there is significant capacity for harm due to exposure to risk from speculative trading and volatility, when compared to bond or commodity trading. Restriction of access to these forms of trading (Cryptocurrency and Stock trading) provided by the blocking capabilities offered by the FCCG’s Self-Exclusion – Stock/Cryptocurrency referral resources can be beneficial.

It can be overwhelming to know where to start with Self-Exclusion Programs. Contact the 888-ADMIT-IT HelpLine today, and speak to a Specialist who will listen to your situation and connect you with the best Self-Exclusion Programs and other resources for gambling addiction, whether you are worried about your own gambling or that of a loved one. Best of all, your contact to the HelpLine is completely free and confidential.