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Problem and compulsive gambling is referred to as a “hidden disorder” because suffering persons often appear normal on the outside. Like alcohol and substance abuse, the disorder does not discriminate and affects persons from all backgrounds and walks of life. Recent research has shown that professionals, such as lawyers, judges and doctors are among those most likely to be at-risk for developing a gambling problem. Other professionals, including but not limited to athletes, firefighters, engineers, accountants, counselors, police officers, stockbrokers, educators and persons practicing in hundreds of additional fields, also experience gambling problems.

Impaired Professional Programs are designed for a wide range of professionals who are among those most likely to be at risk for developing a gambling problem, including doctors, lawyers, judges, athletes, and others, and provide self-help/treatment options in non-public settings. Since many professionals find it extremely challenging and potentially detrimental to their careers to participate in traditional self-help (e.g., Gamblers Anonymous) and professional treatment programs, the FCCG provides confidential resources and referrals from a wide range of trained experts.

To further ensure such protections, the FCCG works closely with, and provides referrals for legal and health care service professionals in need of gambling-related supports, to organizations serving individuals working in sensitive positions or fields in the legal and medical arenas.

It can be overwhelming to know where to start with problem gambling resources. Contact the 888-ADMIT-IT HelpLine today, and speak to a Specialist who will listen to your situation and connect you with the best resources for gambling addiction, whether you are worried about your own gambling or that of a loved one. Best of all, your contact to the HelpLine is completely free and confidential.