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Training Information

The FCCG offers a broad range of training services to various professional organizations and furnishes such instruction via field experts.

Professional training is another specialty of the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling. We carefully develop programs to specifically help populations serving problem gamblers and their families. In addition to addiction and mental health professionals, we also train medical and other healthcare practitioners to assess and treat. We also provide training opportunities for law enforcement, educators, clergy, government officials, gaming industry operators, and others. This is all done in an effort to increase public awareness of problem gambling and its impact on the state of Florida.

FCCG trainings offer the following, and can be presented to fit your specific area of focus:

  • Typology of gamblers

  • Prevalence of problem and compulsive gambling

  • Information on co-morbidity and co-occurring disorders

  • Cutting edge research

  • Assessment and intervention strategies

  • Treatment and relapse prevention strategies and techniques

  • Resources

  • Site-specific programming

We routinely prepare organization specific trainings to ensure that our message fits nicely into your existing organizational protocols. To learn more about the different programs we offer you may contact the FCCG directly through our HelpLine, Email Us or view our Toolkits.


Thankfully, help is available and gambling addiction can be treated if recognized. If you need assistance, contact our 24 hour, confidential Helpline 888-ADMIT-IT (888-236-4848) for resources and support.