Fantasy Sports-The New Wave of Gambling?

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Fantasy Sports-The New Wave of Gambling?

Post by Administrator » Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:57 pm

While Fantasy sports has been around for quite some time (over 50 years actually), it has really become popular in the last decade or so. Over the last year, this industry has exploded in popularity among people in the United States mostly due to the offering of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).

While the legality of Fantasy Sports is under scrutiny around the country in many states, the big question that most want answered is whether or not this type of entertainment is gambling?

While there is the element of skill involved in playing fantasy sports, the same can be said about poker, blackjack, horse racing and other types of games that are definitely considered gambling.

The FCCG is a neutral organization that takes no position on the legalization of gambling. It does, however, feel that DFS meets the definition of gambling in every way and that services and supports should be offered for those who are negatively impacted by these games.

Gambling Addiction Helplines around the Country like the FCCG receive calls from people who say fantasy sports has negatively impacted their lives. There is financial loss, they are experiencing problems at work, there is family conflict, and there are emotional problems such as depression and anxiety.

Only time will what the government ultimately will decide in regards to the legality and/or regulation fantasy sports. They may legalize and regulate it, deem it illegal and ban it all together or leave it up to each state to handle individually.

Regardless of any of these possible outcomes, the FCCG is committed to assisting those that feel their life has been negatively impacted by fantasy sports.

Signs someone may have a problem with Sports Wagering:
Ignoring family and responsibilities while sporting events are on
Superstitious behavior while a sporting event takes place
Inability to watch sporting events without wagering
Being critical of others interfering during a sporting event
Betting frequently or excessively on multiple sporting events

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