Look out Florida, it's No-Limit Poker!!!!!

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Look out Florida, it's No-Limit Poker!!!!!

Post by horrorfan » Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:51 pm

Well, here it is folks, the new no-limit poker laws in Florida. After all this is what you have been clammering for right??? The opportunity to lose more money, much more quickly??? The opportunity to sit down at a table with some professional players from around the world just to say "I played with the best and got crushed, it was awesome!!!!". Poker players were already losing enough money here in Florida under the old rules. I don't understand why this needed to change...of course there was a political backdrop behind all of this. The Seminole compact, blackjack, lower taxes for pari-mutuels, blah, blah, blah.... but did anyone take into consideraton how much damage this will cause in this state.

First, gamblers that are either at-risk, problem or downright compulsive now have the ability to play poker for much longer hours with much higher stakes. Hooray!!!!! (tongue planted firmly in cheek)

Then, there is a distinct possibility that even social gamblers or non-gamblers could start to develop problems simply due to the fact that they have never been subjected or exposed to no-limit poker and may want to try it out (because it looks sooooooooo easy on ESPN!!!).

Next, let's not forget about the impact this will have on the community, the counties and the whole state. Most people don't think of the societal impact of problem gambling. They think that it is the gamblers fault and they are the stupid ones for wasting all their money at the casino. Well, that's just not true. Taxpayers are affected by problem gambling, local businesses are affected, law enforcement and the judicial system are affected. This is a fact!!! Crime will increase (especially white collar crime), law enforcement needs will increase, divorce rates and child neglect will increase, productivity in the workplace will go down, etc... I could go on and on and on. These are the facts of what happens when gambling is increased in an area. Well this wasn't just done in one area folks, this was done throughout the state.

I hope I am wrong but I feel that Florida just opened the flood gates for problem and compulsive gambling by making these changes. I just hope everyone understands that there is help available if you feel like gambling is adversely affecting your life. Do what several thousand people did last year and call 1-888-ADMIT-IT for assistance. I speak from experience when I say that they can help you!!!!!!

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