Poker Craze - Don't buy into the hype!

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Poker Craze - Don't buy into the hype!

Post by jlebron » Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:31 pm

With the rise in popularity of Poker Tournaments, comes the rise in young people who become addicted to the “sport”. And in our society, poker has become just that, a sport; something that you can get good at, and maybe even earn a little fame for along the way. Sports broadcasting channels, like ESPN, have begun televising “professional” poker tournaments, making the game one of today’s largest spectator activities. Poker players have become celebrities, and are even featured on trading cards, just like those old baseball cards our generation used to collect as kids. All of these things perpetuate the glamorization of a game that, unfortunately, many young people have become addicted to through all of the hype.

I graduated college about a year ago and I can name a couple of my friends who throughout their college career used gambling as a means for extra cash. One of which would actually travel to Las Vegas for annual tournaments for the chance to win big. Needless to say… the term “broke college student” still applied to him. Games like Poker trick you into thinking that if you’re intelligent enough, if you can strategize, you can beat the odds. The truth is, no matter how smart you are, games of chance should be accepted for what they are based on, CHANCE. All forms of gambling have the potential to turn into a huge problem, a problem that can negatively affect many aspects of your life, including the lives of those that care about you. Get help if you feel like your gambling is no longer under control. We are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week with a multitude of resources that can put you in the right direction towards recovery. Call 888-236-4848 today.

Don’t buy into the hype!

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Post by rummy987 » Mon Dec 14, 2009 2:32 pm

I agree with jlebron on how poker has quickly become one of the most popular 'sports' among college students. I cannot count how many times friends of mine have said that it is a game of skill, not a game of chance. I cannot put into words how wrong this is!

You can be great at hiding your emotions, at putting on a great 'poker face.' at betting, and knowing when to fold or raise. But the bottom line is, we never know which card is going to turn up; we never know, no matter how skilled we are, what cards we are going to be dealt. The odds are what they are, and there is no changing that.

Early in my college career, I got into free online poker. I found it fun, exciting, and a way to feel not so alone as I sat there in an empty dorm room on a computer. I was being offered credit cards left and right, and student loan money was not very difficult to come across. As I saw my 'fake money' grow, I had very strong urges to put down a little real cash. I don't know what stopped me; perhaps it was a friend, perhaps it was just a gut instinct, but I do know this: I didn't put down any real money, I left my dorm room, and I started living life.

I consider myself very fortunate to have not fallen into the trap that so many unfortunate college students do. Gambling in college, (especially on borrowed money), can wreck your credit history, your GPA, your social life, and have serious negative consequences that will take many years to surmount. I certainly hope that someone will read this before they fall into the trap that I almost did, and hope that people get away from the dorm room, out into the world, and experience college the way it should be: meeting people, learning new things, and discovering oneself, which cannot be done in front of an online poker table.

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Re: Poker Craze - Don't buy into the hype!

Post by Richard789 » Wed Mar 02, 2016 12:03 am

Okay.. Thanks for this :)

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