Pump the Breaks (Checking in With Self)

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Pump the Breaks (Checking in With Self)

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Checking In With Self

Often we need to slow down or stop what we are doing in order to determine how things are going or to identify what may be bothering us. At times, things seem to happen quickly and when it comes to problem gambling, it is not unusual for life to begin to spiral out of control.

Pump the Breaks is an expression we want you to remember. Every day try to slow things down a little by taking a few minutes to stop what you’re doing to examine how you’re feeling. If your or someone else’s gambling is making you uncomfortable or unhappy, you need to know we’re here to help. You can post a note or give us a call. If you feel you can wait for a response, than drop us a line and we’ll get back to you, but if you need to connect with someone right now then stop what you’re doing and give us a call. The important thing is to be honest with YOU.

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