Is Online Wagering Dangerous?

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Is Online Wagering Dangerous?

Post by Administrator » Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:00 am

The simple answer is “yes” to some people. For those that have a problem or have the propensity to develop a problem, online gambling presents a unique and dangerous environment. Currently there are thousands of online gambling sites with new ones popping up each day. These sites offer all types of gaming opportunities such as slot machines, cards, sports betting and virtually every type of gambling you can think of.

Gambling online is vastly different than gambling in a casino. First, there is hardly any interaction with people except for possibly being able to type comments to other players if one is gambling at a card game. Second, money changes hands through credit card transactions and credits are added to the account of the person. This fact is what can cause harm to those affected by a gambling problem. When you are not physically taking money out of your pocket to gamble with, it almost gives a feeling of not being real. Finally, it is much easier to access an online gambling site than a casino. You don’t have to drive anywhere, they have 24-hour availability and can you can use your computer, tablet or phone to gamble online.
Gambling on “free” online sites are a common activity for teenagers and young adults, and social media gaming (i.e. Candy Crush) is also on the rise due to popular sites such as Facebook.

Statistics show that an estimated $40 billion will be wagered in 2015 at online gambling sites and that figure is sure to continue to rise.

If you or someone you know has a problem, the FCCG can help, and is standing by, ready to provide free resources.
Counseling is available through the Recovery Path program, Chance for Change self-help workbooks are ready to be mailed out to anyone who wants them, referrals to 12 step meetings, social service organizations, legal aid and much more are just a phone call away.
FCCG HelpLine Specialists can also explain web
blockers that can be
downloaded into computers so that no gambling web site can be accessed.
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