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Financial Assistance Available!

Post by Administrator » Thu Aug 18, 2016 12:08 pm

FCCG Budgeting Tool

The FCCG has launched a new program as part of it’s Peer Connect resource. The Peer Connect program is a offers a gambler or a loved the opportunity to speak to someone in recovery for purposes of gaining insight into the recovery process from someone with that experience.

In addition to the motivation one can receive by speaking to someone in recovery, the Peer Connect program is now able to assist the gambler or loved one to understand their financial situation and the changes that can be made to improve it.

When someone reaches out for assistance with a gambling problem, they often times don’t fully understand the work that needs to be done to repair their financial situation by paying off debts that are owed, creating a budget, saving money and rebuilding their outstanding credit.

The FCCG has created a budgeting tool that will help them do all of the above. This simple tool can assist them in seeing their financial situation on “paper” and can help them set up payment plans to creditors based on what monies are left over once necessities are taken care of on a monthly basis. It can also help them determine where costs can be cut in the household which will provide more money to pay off debts or contribute to savings for the future.

The peer will offer this guidance during the first contact made with the gambler or loved one and if agreeable, will set up additional peer appointments to go over the completed budget tool.

Although the main focus when beginning recovery is stopping gambling, the finances have to be addressed sooner rather than later so that the pressures from financial difficulties can be relieved so that the gambler can focus on staying clean from gambling.

Helpful Tips on Creating a Budget/Savings Plan
· Cut out unnecessary or over indulgent monthly costs (eating out, going to the movies, etc.)
· Set aside a predetermined amount of money each month into savings
· Know exactly what money is coming in and what money is going out each month
· Buy in bulk or budget brand items for household use to save money
· Pay down debts as quickly as possible so more can go into savings

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