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Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 3:17 pm
by Administrator
March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month. This grassroots campaign is held all over the Country and aims to educate the public about problem gambling and the effects it has on individuals and society as a whole.

This year, the theme is problem gambling as a public health issue, with an awareness campaign highlighting that this is not just an addiction that affects the gambler, but is rather a broader public health concern. Currently there are hundreds of thousands of Floridians either directly or indirectly affected by problem and compulsive gambling. Not just the gambler but family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, local businesses, law enforcement, the judicial system and many more.
Compulsive Gambling can bring about a host of public health problems and issues such as:

-Social costs- research shows that problem and compulsive gambling incurs social costs of $7+ billion per year.
-Gambling being used to raise funds for schools, churches and social clubs sends the wrong message.
-Increased bankruptcies, divorces, suicides, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence and crime are some of the ills associated with compulsive gambling.

The FCCG is here to help! If you or someone you know has a problem, call the 24-hour, bilingual, confidential 1-888-ADMIT-IT HelpLine for resources, referrals and more.

What Can You Do To Help?
Contact the FCCG for free materials that can be disseminated in your community
Educate family and friends about problem gambling
If you are a mental health professional, take the 60 hour gambling training to move towards certification.
Make your voice heard to your legislators on gambling expansion
Become a Member of the FCCG–