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Sports Wagering-A Growing Concern

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 1:23 pm
by Administrator
Throughout the winter months, sports wagering is a major force on the gambling landscape culminating with the Super Bowl in early February. During December and January there is the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA football and basketball among other organizations all active at the same time. This gives sports bettors seemingly unlimited opportunities to gamble. Although sports betting is only legal in the state of Nevada in the United States, hundreds of billions of dollars are wagered each year on the outcome of professional and collegiate contests both legally and illegally. The downside to sports wagering is devastating. Relationships are ruined, finances are depleted and the social ramifications are significant. Individuals who gamble on sports do so in varying ways. They bet through bookies, overseas online websites, between friends and via office pools at work. The Super Bowl is the granddaddy of all sporting events. It is no wonder that more money is placed on the Super Bowl than any other sporting event in a given year. Often dubbed the “Desperation Bowl”, the Super Bowl gives sports gamblers one last chance to break even or come out ahead for the season. Billions of dollars in bets are placed on this event alone each year yet only 1-2% is actually wagered legally in Nevada. The FCCG wants to remind everyone “Don’t Throw It Away”. Millions of people are affected by gambling but there is help available. If you or someone you know has a problem, call 1-888-ADMIT-IT for resources