Gift Responsibly This Holiday Season

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Gift Responsibly This Holiday Season

Post by Administrator » Wed Dec 12, 2018 6:40 pm

>>>The Gift of Hanukkah Gelt

Some suggest that Hanukkah gelt is linked to the coins created in celebration of the Maccabees’ victory over the Ancient Greeks. Others believe that the tradition emerged around the 18th century in Eastern Europe as a way to recognize Jewish religious teachers for their service — similarly to how some families tip service workers or buy gifts for children’s school teachers for Christmas. By the 19th century, it’s noted that there was a shift in gelt giving from teachers to children, though no one is exactly sure why the shift occurred. (1)

Although chocolate gelt has become a popular American tradition, many families in the U.S. and abroad still give money during Hanukkah. If you’re planning on gifting gelt to a child or young adult this year, consider using the gift as a teaching moment on the importance of saving and the dangers of youth gambling.

>>>Lotto Tickets Aren’t Child’s Play, Gift Responsibly

“Did you know that a study among Florida Middle and High School students revealed more than half (55%) reported participating in some type of gambling activity, and 24% of those were already classified as medium- to high-risk gamblers?(4) This study also recognized strong correlations between youth gambling and problematic behavior in school such as truancy, poor grades, disorderly conduct, and substance use. The adolescent brain is also vulnerable, specifically when it comes to decision making, impulsivity, and emotional reactivity, which can hinder their ability to make a rational and informed decision about whether to gamble,” said Jennifer Kruse, the FCCG’s Executive Director.

“Even through the cheer of the holiday season, parents and others need to be aware of the problem gambling risks inherent in giving lottery tickets to children. Alternative stocking stuffers are in no short supply, and this simple responsible gambling choice just makes sense for the holiday season,” concluded Kruse.

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