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November is an important month for military veterans. Veterans Day is a time to pay homage to those that have served the United States to protect us from foreign and domestic dangers. To that end, the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling (FCCG) offers a huge THANK YOU to all veterans that have kept the United States safe!
However, there is another battle brewing among the military population and that is gambling addiction…
According to 2014 statistics, it is estimated that 36,000-48,000 active duty service members suffer from gambling problems. It is widely known that gambling opportunities are available on a lot of overseas bases that house United States military. The fact that these service men and women may be in a secluded area or may not have other entertainment choices available, could lead them to gamble more than they normally would as a cure for boredom in their downtime.

In 2002, an FCCG study showed that people with military experience were more likely to participate in gambling activities.
Along with active duty personnel, veterans are very susceptible to developing problems as well. Readjusting to civilian life and post-traumatic stress disorder are two of the biggest reasons why veterans may turn to gambling as a way to escape problems or feelings of depression.
The consequences can be devastating to both groups. A gambling addiction among active duty service people can lead to loss of focus on the job, demotion of rank and discharge due to their actions. For veterans at home, gambling problems can cause significant financial problems, the loss of relationships and deeper depression which can lead to suicide.
It is important for those who are negatively affected to know that help is available through the FCCG.

The FCCG offers a wide range of resources that can assist active duty personnel, veterans and their loved ones such as free private counseling, peer support, literature, budgeting assistance and much more.
The FCCG also offers a toolkit, “Combat: Gambling Addiction” for treatment professionals that counsel service men and women that helps them screen properly for gambling problems and gives them added insight into the addiction.
If you or someone you know is having a gambling problem, call 888-ADMIT-IT today!

For Professionals working with members of the military, the Combat: Gambling Addiction toolkit is available to download at the following link:
You may also be interested in information on our free online training module for certification as a Compulsive Gambling Counselor. Contact us now for more information!
The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling—888-ADMIT-IT
Instilling Hope and Providing Help for Those Impacted by a Gambling Addiction

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What do you think the chances are that the UK starts looking into it? I mean gambling is pretty big in our country with horseracing and bookies and all tax free , so I feel like well be ok ?
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