Teenager Shot And Killed Over Dice Game

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Get into our schools and inform?
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Teenager Shot And Killed Over Dice Game

Post by ribenitez » Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:23 am

MIAMI GARDENS (CBS4) ― Tiffani Helberg Reporting

A 17-year-old Miami Gardens teenager is dead after he was shot over a dice game Saturday night at Miami Carol City Park. Police say an argument started around the game and one person began shooting.

Ladarius Frazer died on the scene. His relatives arrived to find his body covered by a tarp on the table where he was killed.

The incident erupted while security guard Robert Rubio was patrolling the area. "Some guy just went on a shooting spree and I heard five shots," said Rubio. "I saw the guy shooting and running and somebody screamed out, 'oh, somebody is bleeding! Somebody is dead; somebody is dead.'"

While the Rubio said the shooting was frightening for him, the guard said he was not surprised by it. Rubio said violence at Miami's Carol City Park is becoming all too common.

"It's pretty sad. A young kid," he said. "I mean, his life cut short. It's sad; they're building a brand new school for them and he'll never see it. Pretty sad."

More from the Mother and video by Jorge Estevez: http://cbs4.com/local/crime.crimewatch. ... 66938.html

A tragic incident that highlights the consequences when you gamble with your life.

What can we do as advocates of Problem Gambling Awareness?
Engage local leaders to make this a priority?
Work with law-enforcement to enforce state laws?
Get in our schools to give kids the information they need to make better choices?

Do all these strategies come together to make a difference? Or is there another piece of the puzzle that's missing to prevent incidents like these?

If memory serves, in January last year there was another incident in Liberty City that took the life of two youths as well. The youths were at a dice game, the supposed motive was retaliation for paying a debt from a previous dice game. The group of individuals was shot at with automatic weapons. The bullets went everywhere but managed to cut short two lives. Now a a little over a year later, this happens.

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Re: Death of a youth over gambling

Post by horrorfan » Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:03 pm

Unfortunately, until those working with youth realize that gambling among youth has a very negative impact, this kind of senseless loss will continue. There are free programs available for public schools, alternative schools, the DJJ population, and high risk youth that are not being utilized simply because gambling is not recognized by the education and prevention communities as a serious threat for youth when compared to other risky behaviors. Unfortunately this is a misperception that can be very costly for our youth and communities.

Further analysis of information collected in the Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey on gambling behaviors among students, indicates that more than half participate in some form of gambling. Among other findings, high risk gamblers were much more likely than non-gamblers to have favorable attitudes toward such antisocial behaviors as taking a handgun to school (6 times as likely!), stealing, fighting, and cutting school.

In a DJJ study of incarcerated youth, 17% of those who gambled in the past twelve months said that their being in a DJJ facility was connected to gambling.

Certainly there are many underlying causes of youth violence, of which gambling is one. Gambling is directly related to violence and crimes among youth as has been substantiated in many studies.

It is no longer sufficient to dismiss youth gambling as just a game or a cultural activity that is expected among some cultures. As the two previously mentioned cases of youth gambling and violence indicate, it can and is a matter of life and death in more cases than we realize. It is important that the loss of life of this child not simply be dismissed as a part of the bigger picture of violence in this particular geographical area, but that it serve to promote greater recognition of gambling’s impact on youth and an awakening among those who work with or have the opportunity to educate youth, to look for ways to better address this issue among the population. If that is the case, then the child’s loss of life in this story may serve to prevent other such tragedies in the future.

If you wish to be part of the effort and solution, contact the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling at 1-888-ADMIT-IT (888-236-4848).

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