An Interactive Approach To How Gambling Really Works

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An Interactive Approach To How Gambling Really Works

Post by tammy rigsby » Thu Nov 13, 2008 12:23 pm

New AFM Website
A brand new website, — the first
web resource of its kind that provides extensive information on
how gambling really works — was recently launched by the
Foundation of Manitoba (AFM).
This resource was developed as an attempt to fill in the gaps in
information that currently exist. “Legal gambling is an accepted
form of entertainment,” said Laura Goossen, an AFM Director,
in her launch speech at the event. “However, we also know that
gambling and its related issues are not always well understood
by the general public or by many who play these games.”
These gaps are much greater for people with language barriers.
Therefore, a number of language choices are available on
the website: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English,
French, Filipino and, in the near future, other Asian languages.
There are many “secrets” or little known details on how gambling
works. The website clearly answers such questions as:
How do casinos generate profits? How does gambling work?
How much will a player eventually pay for gambling?
“Right now, there is no other web resource out there that provides
this much insight on the topic of gambling,” explained
Tran, a Prevention Education Consultant with the AFM.
“ is truly a powerhouse of information.”
In some sections of the website, an interactive approach is
used to attract and teach viewers about the main subject of interest
— how gambling really works. A website viewer from San
Francisco commented on his experience with the interactive segments:
“Great graphic interface and good information in terms
projected amounts of money spent.” is a free website. It is best viewed
with a screen resolution of 1028 x 764 pixels and a Flash program
of 8.0 or higher.

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