Warning Signs of Problem Gambling

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Warning Signs of Problem Gambling

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Warning Signs of Problem Gambling

• Preoccupation with gambling.
• Gambling to calm nerves, forget worries or reduce depression.
• Needing to gamble larger and larger amounts of money to experience the thrill.
• Withdrawal from family, friends or regular activities.
• Mood swings based upon winnings and losses.
• Neglecting personal needs or health.
• Experience anxiety after gambling excursions.
• Secrecy, avoidance or lying when questioned about gambling habits.
• Using retirement funds or cashing in an insurance policy to fund gambling.
• Missing possessions or assets, including pawning or sale of personal items.
• Sudden need for money or loans.
• Depression or self-destructive thoughts.

The presence of one or more of these signs can mean you or someone you know has a gambling problem. For assistance, call our 24-hour HelpLine. The call is free, confidential and anonymous.

24-hour Confidential HelpLine

If you are seeking information about problem gambling, you can call our HelpLine or post a message. When posting a message, please be aware one or more persons will get back to you, but the response will not be immediate.