Quick Information - When Does Gambling Become a Problem?

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Quick Information - When Does Gambling Become a Problem?

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Gambling becomes a problem anytime it negatively affects any aspect of your life. Here’s some background:

What is gambling?
Gambling is any time you bet money or place something of value at risk on an uncertain outcome.

Do I need to bet with money in order for it to be considered gambling?
NO. While most people gamble with money, others bet with things they own, such as jewelry or another possession of value.

Is buying a lottery or raffle ticket considered gambling?
YES. It’s not the amount of money or value of the item that you risk losing that determines whether you're gambling. It’s the fact that you risked losing money in anticipation or the hope of winning more.

Do gamblers only lose money or items of value?
People who gamble risk losing more than money or the things they own or value. In many cases, people with a gambling problem jeopardize relationships, careers, finances, physical and emotional health and in some cases even risk losing their lives.

Problem gamblers often face serious financial problems and in some cases commit crimes resulting in prison sentences.

How do I know if I have a gambling problem?

• Think constantly about gambling?
• Bet more and more for the thrill?
• Gamble to escape from problems at school, work, home or elsewhere?
• Continue gambling after losing to try to win back what you lost?
• Lie to, or argue with, family members or friends about your gambling?
• Become involved in illegal activities in order to fund your gambling?
• Fail to follow through on promises because of gambling?
• Rely on others to bail you out?
• Feel irritated or become moody when trying to stop gambling?
• Fail in an effort to control or stop gambling?
• Have self-destructive thoughts due to gambling?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, gambling may be a problem. For assistance with a gambling problem, call our 24-hour HelpLine. The call is free, confidential and anonymous.

24-hour Confidential HelpLine

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