Impaired Professionals

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Impaired Professionals

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Professionals who are impaired by compulsive gambling could ultimately strain their relationships with colleagues, employers and superiors, and eventually cause revenue losses for the company they represent.

Do you or Someone You Know…

• Lose time from work or experience difficulties due to gambling?
• Arrive late for meetings with clients or colleagues because of gambling related activities?
• Hide betting slips, lottery tickets or other gambling paraphernalia from family members, friends, colleagues or supervisors?
• Borrow money from clients, co-workers or trust funds or other means to gamble?
• Argue with spouse or partner regarding how you handle money?
• Experience difficulty sleeping due to gambling?
• Become restless or irritable when trying to cut down, control or stop gambling?
• Gamble as a way to escape stress, professional or personal problems?
• Lie to family members, friends or colleagues about how much you gamble or the amount lost?
• Have self-destructive thoughts due to gambling?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, gambling may be a problem. For assistance with a gambling problem, call our 24-hour HelpLine. The call is free, confidential and anonymous.

24-hour Confidential HelpLine

If you are seeking information about problem gambling, you can call our HelpLine or post a message. When posting a message, please be aware that one or more persons will get back to you, but the response will not be immediate.