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Recovery–Your Number One Priority

Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:08 am
by Administrator
Recovery takes on many shapes and forms depending on the individual. While for some, a 12 step program may work, others may need professional counseling, alternative support groups, faith based programs or a combination of multiple things. It is important for individuals, whether they are the gambler or a loved one, to try to find a path that works and that they are comfortable with. Recovery is not easy for some so it is something that the person has to has to be dedicated to in order for things to get better. Honesty comes first, being honest with yourself is an important step in this process. Once you are honest with yourself, you can be honest with others about your addiction. Being willing to try things that have worked for others is another important barrier to cross. There are many people who have recovered from compulsive gambling and they are ones to look up to and ask questions of. What worked for you? How long until I start to feel better? What do I do if I have urges to gamble? These are all questions that a problem gambler may have in the beginning. Regardless of what path you choose, the goal is to quit gambling and repair the problems in your life. Don’t give up if you don’t think that someone or something can help you. You will find the best path to stay clean if you make recovery your priority.

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