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Sports Wagering-Super Bowl

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:48 am
by Administrator
With the Super Bowl just a few weeks away, the FCCG wants to remind everyone that sports betting is illegal in the state of Florida. With over 90 million wagered legally in the state of Nevada and billions of dollars in illegal bets placed each year all around the country, the Super Bowl is the largest single annual event for gamblers. For some it is known as the Desperation Bowl as gamblers who have lost money betting on games throughout the NFL season try to make it all back on one large wager. There are office pools at work, seemingly friendly wagers among friends and bookies who are glad to offer assistance. Plus, the newspapers, websites and other publications post the odds on not just the outcome of the game, but every facet imaginable (i.e. who will fumble the ball, which team will score first, etc…). Keep in mind that for those who may be in recovery from a gambling addiction, the very mention of the word Super Bowl could create urges to gamble. Further, for those who do not have a problem or are at-risk, gambling on this game could push them over the line. The FCCG wants you to enjoy the game without having to gamble on it but also realizes that some people cannot view it as the urges to wager are too great. That is okay and we are here for you if you need us!

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